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By friends, for friends.

Established in 2020, The Friend Shop emerged when three friends found themselves with time on their hands and a desire to collaborate on their dreams. Fueled by a passion for learning, hands-on creation, and making things they genuinely love, our journey persists. Today, we craft goods that bring us joy and share them with our friends—the ones we know—and the ones we've yet to meet.


Having bonded in college (thanks art school!) and collaborated in one shape or another ever since, The Friend Shop is the brainchild of artists and designers Jennifer Fisher, Elyse Osborne, and Alaina Dykstra.

Our Products

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episode 23

Meet the Makers Podcast

Want to learn more about us? Check out episode 23 of Meet the Makers with awesome host, Austin Hetizman!

We talk about how we got started, how we work together and remain friends, and share a few funny stories from over the years!

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